Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Processing of personal data in the context of recruiting / applying for a job within Dynamix IT GmbH (Dynamix IT)

Dynamix IT, as an Employer and Personal Data Operator, stores in good faith the Personal Data (Personal Data) of the candidates to the vacancies offered by Dynamix IT or those interested in becoming Dynamix IT’s employees in in accordance with labor law and other applicable regulations, while fully respecting the principles of processing personal data, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (“GDPR”).

By transmitting your RESUME to Dynamix IT and/or by providing, by any other means and through any communication channel (eg during telephone conversations, face-to-face interviews, etc.), your Personal Data, you express your consent for processing these Personal Data for recruitment/application for a Dynamix IT job. By way of example, processed personal data can be the following: name, surname, date of birth, image, home address, telephone, e-mail address, studies, work experience, strengths, skills and abilities. If you do not want all or some of your Personal Data to be processed by Dynamix IT for the stated purpose, please do not provide your Personal Data or provide only those for which you agree that Dynamix IT will process. Your personal data can be processed, with due respect for personal data protection legislation, by recruitment service providers who have taken appropriate protection measures as required by law to ensure that they comply with their data protection obligations personal.

Details on the processing of personal data, including the rights of the data subject (right to information and access to data, right to rectification, right to delete data or “right to be forgotten”, right to restrict processing, right to portability of data, the right to oppose, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to notify the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or any other competent jurisdiction), please find below the full information note:


In accordance with the applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data, including but not limited to Regulation (EU No. 679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data data and repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General EU Data Protection Regulation or GDPR), Dynamix IT GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Dynamix IT), has the obligation to process your personal data that you have provided us safely, in good faith and in accordance with the legal provisions in force, exclusively for the achievement of the specified purposes. personal data.

  1. Personal Data Operator: Dynamix IT GmbH, in its capacity as employer, stores in good faith the personal data of its employees and of the candidates for the vacancies offered by it, according to the legislation labor and other applicable regulations, while fully respecting the principles of personal data processing for legitimate purposes, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
  2. Personal data:As your Candidate for a position within Dynamix IT GmbH (the “Target Person”), the Company hereby expressly informs you through this Notice of Information in accordance with Articles 12 and 13 of the EU General Data Protection to the processing and storage of your personal data under the conditions described in this Information Note:
      1. General Information: Name, surname, date of birth, home address, marital status, telephone and email address, nationality, nationality, gender, facial image – photo, hobby data, personality data;
      2. Proof of identity and eligibility for employment: ID card or passport data, professional experience data, studies, professional certificates or attestations issued by regulatory authorities, professional skills and competences.
      3. Pre-employment checks: References, interview notes, records of previous employment checks, disciplinary sanctions, information included in the Target Person’s CV and/or any application form.

    Terms of employment: Job offers and accepting employment records, professional experience, Target Person’s employment contract, agreed work schedule, length of probation period, change of job description and reason for change, and subordinate relationship, job address , position, occupation, relocation data, if any, details of the hierarchical superior and the person responsible for the engagement, details of training courses, individual training programs.

  3. Purpose of processing personal data:
    1. Your personal data is processed by the Company for the purpose of conducting recruitment based on your consent under the provisions of Art. 6 par. 1 lit. a) GDPR and making a job offer if you are eligible.
    2. 547/5000 If the recruitment process ends when you submit a job offer to you, your personal data will be processed by the Bank for the purpose of concluding the individual employment contract / mandate / to perform another form of collaboration with the Operator, respectively for the pursuit of the Operator’s legitimate interest in ensuring the avoidance of potential conflicts of interest, according to art. 6 par. 1 (f) of the GDPR, to verify integrity and potential conflicts of interest.
  4. Time of data processing:
    1. For recruiting purposes, your personal data will be stored during the recruitment process.
    2. In case you will be hired your data, including your resume will be stored in the personnel file, according to the legal provisions in force.
    3. 267/5000 In the event you will not be hired, your resume will be retained for a period of 3 years, provided you have given your consent. If you do not agree with this processing, your resume will be removed from our database.
    4. Unless a contractual relationship with Dynamix IT is concluded, the data processed to track the legitimate interest of the Operator in avoiding potential conflicts of interest, art. 6 part (1) char (f) of the GDPR, for verification of integrity and potential conflicts of interest, will be stored for a period of 30 days from the end of the recruitment process.
    5. The data shall be stored in a safe place and in accordance with the legal conditions and provisions.
  5. Empowered persons, Recipients or Associated Operator:Your personal data may be processed, with due respect for the legislation on the protection of personal data, by:
    1. Providers of recruitment services, labor service providers or Human Resource Consulting services, and all companies in these categories of recipients from whom the Operator will contract services and products and have taken appropriate protective measures in accordance with the provisions in order to ensure that they comply with their personal data protection obligations. If the empowered persons subcontract part of the activities involving the processing of personal data, the subcontractors will be subject to the same obligations regarding the implementation of the security, technical and organizational measures provided by the applicable legislation.
    2. State authorities such as ITM, tax authorities, consulates or embassies for issuing visas, etc. on the basis of their powers under the applicable law.
    3. Dynamix IT companies that provide Operator activities in the field of labor relations or Dynamix IT reports the results of its work, inclusive.
  6. Transfer of Personal Data:Personal data will be transferred (e.g., accessed, consulted, etc.) to other companies in the Dynamix IT Group in other countries to initiate, conclude and develop contracts and/or projects with a Group entity or Dynamix IT collaborators, such as , but not limited to databases or third countries that provide an adequate level of personal data protection where the presence of the Dynamix IT Group is ensured.
  7. Applicant’s rights with respect to his personal data:We also wish to inform you that, under the applicable legal provisions, including but not limited to Articles 12-22 of the GDPR, you have the following rights:
    1. the right to information and access to your personal data,
    2. the right to rectify your data,
    3. the right to be forgotten / the right to delete the data;
    4. the right to restrict the processing;
    5. the right to data portability;
    6. the right to oppose the processing of your data in the case of personal data processed in accordance with Article 6 part (1) char (e) or (f), including the creation of profiles under these provisions, respectively for the performance of a task performed in the public interest; in the exercise of an official authority with which the operator is invested, respectively for the legitimate interests of the Operator;
    7. the right not to be the subject of an individual decision, which means you have the right to request and obtain the withdrawal, annulment and reconsideration of any decision having legal effect on you, adopted solely on the basis of a personal data processing operation automated, for the purpose of evaluating personality traits, such as professional skills, credibility, your workplace behavior;
    8. the right to notify the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or any competent court.
      To exercise these rights, you may contact the Company through a written, dated and signed request – to the HR Team or via email at info@www.dynamix-it.com.
      Your request will be reviewed and will be answered within the timeframe set by law.
  8. Other issues: The Personal Data Operator esnures that it processes your data under legitimate conditions while implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data under Art. 25 and 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation.


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